Examus – AI solutions for online education

Examus – AI solutions for online education

What is online proctoring exam software? - EdTech startup providing AI solutions for online education that help educational institutions (universities, corporate universities, colleges, language schools, MOOC platforms etc.) as well as other businesses achieve improved e-learning outcomes. A key advantage of our solutions is that we use AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision to monitor and analyze human behavior in real time and can integrate in your LMS system as white-labeled proctoring solution.

Examus has two main products:

  • Proctor AI - an online proctoring technology with AI, in other words online exam system software
  • Examus EQ – a tool, which monitors human attention and engagement during online learning at e-courses.

What is Proctor AI?

Proctor AI - is an оnline proctoring platform, which automatically captures behavior that might indicating cheating in online tests or examinations. It works equally well with single individuals or with thousands of people. All it requires is a stable internet connection and a web-camera  and microphone enabled computer or laptop.

Online proctoring solution (AI proctor) combines data from three sources (video, audio and computer desktop), and then analyzing it by neural network algorithms to create a detailed and sophisticated picture of users’ behavior. Thus, AI proctor discloses the majority of unauthorized activities. Educational institution, as the client, receives a detailed analytical report, accompanied by marked-up video footage. As you review the report, you can click on links that take you straight to the relevant part of video, so you can check for yourself exactly what was happening at the time.

Proctor AI analyses both physical behaviors (e.g. looking away from the screen, talking, or interacting with unauthorized persons) as well as what’s happening on the desktop (e.g. switching windows or attempting to share screens or audio channels). The unique set of algorithms — backed up with years of practical experience — automatically calculate the probability of cheating having taken place. However, if someone’s fate depends on an exam result, it is only fair that AI proctor should not be the sole arbiter. That is why Examus developed a parallel proctoring service with alive human proctors who review captured footage or monitor behavior in real time. Our experienced proctors adjust automatically generated reports as appropriate. They review and provide feedback into Proctor AI’s neural network, improving its ability to make reliable assessments.

After years of development and improvement, we offer a highly sophisticated automated proctoring service that’s used today in more than 190 countries around the world.

To find out more, please contact a member of our team. They will be happy to show you how it works in practice.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo must be good for millions!

Examus EQ - Vsend

Examus EQ is the system for monitoring human attention and engagement in a real time. It processes video captured by a computer or mobile phone and transfers analytics to your server. This lets you to access real-time analytics on how audiences are reacting to your educational videos or webinars.

The access to Big Data and analytics in real time is a game-changer. Now you can understand exactly how your presentation is being perceived and make adjustments on the fly. Examus EQ can deliver combined analysis on an entire audience or selective data on each individual user.

One of the exceptionally powerful features of Examus EQ is that it processes data directly on the client device, minimizing server-side computing costs and excluding the need to transfer personal data.

Examus EQ is integrated with Youtube. That means you can share video uploaded to Youtube with colleagues or students (free of charge for up to 50 people) and receive detailed analytics on engagement and attention. Equally, you can webcast live over YouTube and see the same analysis in real time as it happens.

Click here to see how Examus EQ works

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