Why do we need a proctor?

What is proctor?

Proctor is a person who monitors students during an examination. (north american)
Proctor is an officer (usually one of two) at certain universities, appointed annually and having mainly disciplinary functions. (british)
According to a research, in England this title was used in following principal contexts:
  • In law, a proctor is a historical class of lawyers, and the King's (or Queen's) Proctor is a senior government lawyer.
  • In religion, a proctor represents the clergy in Church of England dioceses.
  • In education, a proctor is the name of university officials in certain universities.
In the United States, the word "proctor" is used mostly to describe someone who oversees/supervises an examination.
With rapid education institution development, increased number of certification programs and exams, proctors play an important role, ensuring exam integrity. Proctors make sure that students are held to the same standards for on-campus students or students that study remotely. 

What is the difference between online proctoring and in-class proctoring?

In general, in order to ensure exam integrity, both types of proctors need to catch academic dishonesty such as:
  1. Cheating: when testees use or attempt to use of unauthorized materials
  2. Plagiarism: representing the words or ideas of another person as one's own
  3. Fabrication: information falsification or invention
  4. Assisting: using help of others

In-class proctoring

In a physical setting, a proctor is taking care of:
  • Test guidelines explanation and monitoring 
  • Exam papers distribution
  • Time tracking
  • Catching academic dishonesty
  • Use of any unauthorized materials during an exam


Online proctoring

An online proctor is taking care of:
  • Video/audio assistance
  • Online test-takers identity authentication
  • Making sure the candidates don’t use any restricted websites or apps
  • Preventing the use of any unauthorized materials during an exam
  • Preventing other screens and gadgets engagement (2d monitor, phone, ipad etc) during an exam
  • Preventing ability of someone else taking an exam instead of a particular test-taker
  • Preventing the use of any unauthorized websites during online exams

 Why are online proctors necessary?

In short, without a proctor, online exams cannot be legitimized, and students cannot be accurately accredited.

Online examinations, certifications and talent assessments tests are a new norm. More and more educational institutions prefer online exams to the traditional in-class progress check. Companies are increasingly using talent assessments to hire employees conducted online as well. 

How to ensure that results from the online conducted exams are as valuable? Are online exams too lucrative to pass? While cutting the cost on expensive manpower exam proctoring offline, we need to be sure that the online exam integrity is on top.
Without proper online monitoring policies, test-takers can easily fall for unfair practices. 
While online education has made the learning process more convenient, it also made exams more susceptible to cheating. Online proctors and ai proctoring softwares are here to defend remotely conducted online exams. 
In order to make the shift to online proctoring smoother for the test-takers, Examus has options to choose from: subsequent proctoring, live proctoring and automated proctoring.

What is Subsequent Proctoring?

Subsequent proctoring is a type of online proctoring, when images and logs are recorded or captured during an online test which is under a recording mode. This gathered information will be sent to a proctor who will view the complete recording to find if there is any suspicious activity the candidate might have engaged in.

What is Live Proctoring?

Live Proctoring is a live exam setting type of online proctoring. An online Proctor watches over a participant throughout the exam. The proctor can intervene at any time if she notices anything suspicious. You need to book the exam in advance to see if there's a proctor available to invigilate you.

What is Automated Proctoring?

Automated proctoring is a software used to detect any instances of possible fraud. It is able to detect whenever different software is opened or there's another person present in the room. 

What are the trending EdTech solutions for online proctoring?

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